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The company provides professional point of view the three conditions for foreigners in Japan, you do not regret homebuyers

First: to find a language to understand foreign cultures and trusted real estate company
In Tokyo a few more than ten thousand real estate companies, some companies specializing in the sale of some items Company specializing in leasing tenant has the characteristics of each company, but how do you choose?
Of course, we must first solve the language problem to invest in Japan, since homebuyers is temporary, housing tenure is long-term, the language barrier is difficult to protect their interests in the future when the objects entrusted to manage.

Gion Japanese architectural design after studying the origin of real estate for permanent residence in Japan has a national qualification Taiwanese Japanese house was built with disabilities, fluent in English, and Japanese for you with a detailed explanation of Taiwanese investment in Chinese objects, providing professional services!
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Second:careful selection of investment objects place
Where is a good place to invest it? Tokyo population continues to increase each year, relative increase in rental demand, it can be said that a good place for each area in Tokyo, Japan twenty three districts are invested, but in order to reduce the rental vacancy rate selection easy thing, need to have knowledge of professional experience , the company provides you with the following advice please refer to:
• From the large object such as Ikebukuro station near Shinagawa, Shinjuku, Shibuya and other objects
• Walk from the tram station object within 10 minutes
• Good management Middle age range object House within 30 years.

Third:Third: adequate funding and close homebuyers investment before ROI calculation
Homebuyers adequate funding is because homebuyers, in addition to the amount of the purchase 価 items outside the house, also need to prepare for items 5-8% of the necessary fee. (Eg: agency fees, bai buy contract signatures pay stamp duty, judicial scriveners fees, fixed assets tax, city planning tax actuarial, object management fees · repair product Lijin actuarial, expressed registration fees, all Quan save the registration fee, all Quan shift Zhuan registration fees fire hoken charges ... etc) hatsu see someone playing contract costs when compared to a predetermined count is much higher hurriedly run funds.