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Gion architectural design firm founded by Japanese architect Grade 2011, with two decades of experience in commercial design buildings to take over dozens of offices hotels hospitals nursing homes and other interior design after the case, there Jian will be held in Tokyo in 2020 Olympic opportunity and tokyo real estate transactions warm demand, the company set up earlier this year the real estate sector and recruit overseas Taiwanese have built house country eligibility Japan disabilities, fluent in English, and Japanese for you to Taiwanese Chinese investment objects provide a detailed explanation professional services.
Gion Architects origin of company size is taken:
First, the Japanese city of Kyoto Gion antique Japanese-style ancient building is still preserved.
Second, according to legend Buddha was in India to house the Great Patriotic only lonely tree garden (Gion) for the public disciple curtain Diamond Sutra, Gion Architects in line with the above two major reasons, would like to preserve the spirit of traditional Japanese architecture design each building, so that non-residents at ease with those who rejoice.
The ground 2-19-12 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo,Japan
Set up December 2011
Free Xu Homestead was built to take the lead industry license
Tokyo Governor (1) No. 97696
Retain eligibility An architect
Homestead was built to take the lead with disabilities
AFP (Financial Planning Consultant)
Hoken raiser
Affiliated groups (Agency) Tokyo Commerce and Industry Regular Members
(Commune), Tokyo homestead was built to take the lead Industry Association
(Commune) to build the country house was taken to ensure that the lead industry Association
(HS group) Tokyo Metropolitan Real Estate Cooperative Members
(Alone) UR Urban Renaissance Agency residential mortgage UR lease take Xi shop
(Agency) Financial Planning Consultants Association of Japan (AFP)
The main take the lead bank Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank
Businesses (1) Construction of artistic conception interior design
(2) ホ Ester Hotels · Commercial Facilities Design supervision
(3) Foreigners Residence · firm to lease prime agency
(4) Superior bai buy real estate agency
(5) What is the artistic conception of furniture design and production supervision

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