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Gion Japanese architectural design after studying the origin of real estate for permanent residence in Japan has a national qualification Taiwanese Japanese house was built with disabilities, fluent in English, and Japanese for you to Taiwanese Chinese detailed explanation!
Conditions Notice Japanese homebuyers and provides a wealth of items for you to choose and provide professional service!

HOT recommend Tokyo House
Investment report rate Traffic Location Price Area House of age
8.10% JR Yamanote Line Gotanda
walk 8 minutes
Shinagawa Nishigotanda 1,480万円 23.38㎡ 1979/07
4.86% JR Sobu center gentle line both
countries a 4-minute walk
Sumida both countries
3,200万円 40.60㎡ 2011/03
7.01% Toei Mita Line Sengoku
8-minute walk
Bunkyo Sengoku 2-chome 1,060万円 16.31㎡ 1992/03
5.58% Toei Asakusa Line Kuramae a
5-minute walk
Taito Kuramae 1-chome 2,580万円 32.70㎡ 2007/08
5.60% Toden Arakawa Line Waseda a
3-minute walk
Shinjuku Nishi 1,695 万円 21.66㎡ 2005/08
5.48% Fukutoshin Nishi
2-minute walk
Shinjuku Ward Takadanobaba 1,750万円 20.54㎡ 2006/02
5.78%  Yurakucho Line Higashi-Ikebukuro
3-minute walk
Toshima Minamiikebukuro 1,700万円 21.12㎡  2007/08
5.73% JR Sobu Bakurocho
2-minute walk
Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku,
1,800万円 20.63㎡ 2004/01
7.55% Toei Mita Line Hakusan
4-minute walk
Bunkyo Hakusan 1,080万円 20.25㎡ 1985/07

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